The Authentic Big Blue – 2017

It took me 31 years to go back to paradise… and to share it with Jean-Marc Barr, and some of the best free divers in the world, an honor. THANK YOU Vivi Draka, thank you everyone that made it happen…

(With free divers Dimitris Koumoulos, Christos Papadopoulos, Miguel Lozano…)

Photo courtesy : Petros Chytiris, Jerome Espla and Francine Kreiss.

Capture d’écran 2017-10-06 à 17.03.07Capture d’écran 2017-10-23 à 15.20.06

Barbara Forstner:Gregory Forstner:photo Petros Chytiris 22425785_10212373157037104_1216068339_o 22429187_10212372987272860_2139389709_o

Jean-Marc Barr:Gregory Forstner-photo Petros Chytiris

Gregory Forstner:photo Petros Chytiris

Jean-Marc Barr/Gregory Forstner-4-photo Petros ChytirisJean-Marc Barr:Gregory Forstner- photo Petros Chytiris3Gregory Forstner:amorgos

Gregory Forstner3photo Petros ChytirisGregory Forstner:Barbara Forstner-photo Petros Chytiris

Gregory Forstner:Jean-Marc Barr and judges!!photo petros Chytiris

Photo Petros Chytiris:Gregory Forstner:Jean-Marc Barr

Gregory Forstner:Jean-Marc Barr-Photo Petros Chytiris

Gregory Forstner:Jean-Marc Barr, photo Jerome Espla2

Jean-Marc Barr:Gregory Forstner:photo jerome Espla Jean-Marc Barr, Gregory Forstner, Francine Kreiss, Jerome Espla    Lozano Miguel:Gregory Forstner

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